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Friday, July 29, 2011

All Unquiet Things by Annna Jarzab

     When I first read this book, I started out thinking the narrator was a girl, and was extremely surprised when they were referred to as a he. The book is split into four parts, switching perspectives between Neily, a boy whose ex-girlfriend was shot and killed, and Audrey, who was that girl's cousin and best friend. The girl was named Carly, and she was a substantial heiress. All Unquiet Things is a masterfully written book that's thought-provoking and has a couple twists. It's nothing too heavy, and it's a real page-turner, to say the least.
     Neily has always been haunted by Carly's murder, him being the discoverer of her corpse(don't worry, this isn't gory), but he has no obvious reason to be. A man has already been convicted for her murder. That man happens to be Audrey's father, Carly's uncle. Audrey, like everyone else in the city, believed that her father committed this heinous crime until just recently, when she was forced to admit that some of the facts just didn't add up.She enlists the help of at-first-unwilling Neily in order to prove her father's innocence, but more than that, to find the truth about Carly, about her life and death.

Rating: 8.5 of 10

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